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Maintenance Services

Oil Services

*4 Cylinder Oil Change-$100-$110+tax

*6 Cylinder Oil Change-$115-$130+tax

*8 Cylinder Oil Change-$$130-$150+tax


Includes draining and disposing of old oil, filling with full synthetic oil, replacing oil filter and performing complete vehicle inspection.

*Does not include "M" Vehicles. Call, Text, or Email for pricing

Brake Fluid Flush

Brake Fluid Flush-  $130+tax


All Vehicles-Includes removing fluid from reservoir, Refilling with fresh fluid and performing complete system flush for all brake lines and calipers.

Coolant Flush

Coolant System Flush  $160+tax

All Vehicles-Includes visual inspection of cooling system, draining coolant from cooling system. Refilling with fresh BMW antifreeze/coolant, bleeding and pressure testing system.

Repair Services

Electrical Diagnosis

Check Engine Light

Vehicle Check and Standard Scope

We provide complete bumper to bumper electrical diagnosis, from warning lights on your dashboard to other electric components that are inoperative. 

Factory diagnosis equipment for any warning light including Service Engine Soon, Engine Malfunction, DSC, TPM, SRS, or any other warning light. 

At Desert B.M.W. we never charge extra for a simple Vehicle Check or Standard Scope Service. 

Battery Change

Keeping a healthy battery in your vehicle is important for optimal performance. We replace and register all BMW batteries. 

Electric/Hybrid Vehicle

One of the only Independent shops in the valley that is BMW certified to service/repair all hybrid and electric vehicles. 

A/C Service and Repair

Complete A/C service that includes ensuring correct charge and a/c operation

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